About us

Welcome to Meba Tour and Travel

Meba Ethiopia Tour & Travel is a newly established tour and travel company in Ethiopia that offers a wide range of services to groups and individuals traveling to and from the country.

Meba Ethiopia Tour & Travel strives to provide a genuine and authentic travel experience for both individuals and group travelers. It has well-trained and experienced tour managers, travel agents, tour guides, and drivers on staff, all of whom have a majestic travel passion for holding places, people, and customs through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels, resorts, and lodges, fine restaurants, and other key vendors.  We always stand for the safety, comfort, and ultimate satisfaction of our customers to share exotic and authentic travel experiences.

Our specialized departments offer a diversity of services. Every department works independently to provide the best service to our customers, targeting their friendship and a long-lasting relationship.

All services and departments are located at our office in BahirDar, starting with the Management and Administrative, Operational, Reservation, Sales & Marketing, Inbound & Outbound Departments.

Company profile

Our company offers uncommon tours to the most exciting travel destinations in Ethiopia. Travel with a group is more economical and gives you a chance to make friends and share your impressions with your travel companions.

We serve individual travelers going to Ethiopia every day either for business or leisure. More and more of our clients choose our company as their ultimate one-stop shopping place when it comes to arranging travel to Ethiopia. We can arrange every travel service from getting  Ethiopian visa and an airline ticket from your hometown to Ethiopia to hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing excursions, and domestic airline and international airlines, government and non-government organizations.

Our Uniqueness

You will not only be traveling in Ethiopia with us, but you will also experience the deep, exotic culture of the Ethiopian people with our friendly and well-trained staff.

Meba Tour and Travel is an outstanding tour company combining the best service with the most customized and tailor-made tour packages designed according to our client’s needs (budget-oriented or higher-end, natural or cultural focus, etc.).

Meba Tour and Travel, has experience working with individual tourists, groups of tourists, journalists, documentary filmmakers, university researchers, UN organizations, embassies, etc. Our Company has a friendly and experienced team of drivers, guides, and tour managers.

Meba Tour and Travel is staffed with well-educated, experienced travel professionals with the aim of providing outstanding travel service to our esteemed customers. By having our daily motto:

Come with us for a genuine travel experience!

We are truly dedicated to providing quality service and expert knowledge to our clients, from the initial point of contact through the end of their stay and often long-lasting after they have returned to their home country. Being unique meeting our customer special travel interest from our utmost effort by developing the philosophy of satisfied customer is our company’s asset.